Started on July 11, 2024
Class PreREQUISITE: None – Entry Level Course

f you would like to be better trained and prepared than 99% of gun owners, you now have that opportunity by attending the Patriot Training Center’s 2-Day Patriot Pistol course. This one-of-a-kind defensive pistol course will not only give you the confidence to defend your family from a home invasion or other criminal encounter… 

But will also teach you how to shoot with extreme accuracy. In fact, here are just a few of the items covered during this course:

Some of the things you’ll learn in the classroom include:

  • SAFE firearms handling
  • Dealing with the Moral and Ethical Decisions in the Use of Deadly Force
  • Legal Considerations if you plan to carry concealed
  • How to Dry Practice to Improve Your Skills at Home Between Courses
  • and more.

Now that you’ve got the foundation… it’s time to hit the range where you’ll skills like:

  • The handgun grip that the world’s fastest and most accurate shooters use and how to adjust it to fit your hand and your handgun.
  • The secret of quick draws from the holster when you’re carrying concealed—no matter what position your hands are in.
  • Where to put your finger on the trigger and how to master a smooth trigger pull
  • How to safely draw your gun from the holster and get combat effective center mass hits in seconds
  • How to shoot one handed – and still be highly accurate
  • Accuracy secrets from 3 yards all the way out to 15 yards
  • How to get rapid multiple hits on target
  • The secret of mastering recoil so you can quickly get your gun back on target
  • The best ways to reload your gun, quickly, even under the stress of someone trying to kill you
  • How to deal with the most common handgun malfunctions to get your gun back in the fight as quickly as possible
  • How to shoot accurately while on the move… forwards, backwards and even sideways…
  • Fun and exciting shooting drills
  • And so much more!

Required Equipment:

  • A semi-automatic handgun

  • 500 rounds of ammunition for your firearm

  • A quality holster. It must be a strong side holster

  • At least 3 magazines for a semi-auto

  • A magazine pouch or pouches that holds at least two magazines

  • A baseball cap

  • Electronic Hearing protection

  • Eye Protection

This is a dynamic, reality-based handgun course where you’ll be shooting from several different positions. There is not another pistol course like this in the country, so accept no imitations.

The cost of this course is $1,500

There are no refunds for your course purchase, however you can attend at any date in the future and your course purchase never expires.

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