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About Patriot Training Center and Our Mission

Our Mission

We provide top tier firearms training for the legally armed American Patriot. In less than a weekend, we can make you better trained than 99% of gun owners (including most military and law enforcement), even if you’ve never touched a gun before. In fact, we guarantee it!

The Patriot Training Center was established near Talladega, Alabama on over 33 acres to provide elite firearms training to civilians with the most qualified instructors. We believe that all humans possess the natural, God-given right to self-defense and we exist to offer the most effective, life-saving training possible.

Preserving, Protecting and Popularizing The 2nd Amendment Is Our Mission:

Our purpose is to preserve the 2nd Amendment by training American civilians to a level of tactical skill and safe firearms handling that’s higher than even law enforcement and military standards.

We seek to make safe and tactical firearms use “normal”.

We exist to make getting tactical training as popular in America as any other martial art.

No matter if it’s your first time picking up a gun, or you’ve been shooting your whole life, after your first class at Patriot Training Center, you’ll leave with better skills than 99% of the gun-owners in the world (including most military and police).

Our Facility

The Patriot Training Center is a private training destination located outside Talladega, AL. In addition to our fully climate-controlled indoor classroom—our private range sits on over 33 acres with multiple pistol and rifle ranges from 25 to 600+ yards, along with an outdoor shoot house.

The Patriot Training Center is not a public facility and is restricted to use by private members and paying customers.

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Weapon usage skills and practice tips

We sets a precision-target standard as the most progressive, yet accessible firearm trainingfacility in the Southeast. Within our facility, you’ll find unparalleled…
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Our Tacticool Staff

Meet the people who are involved in making the shooting training safer and more effective. We work with certified trainers only and guarantee a comfortable practice environment.

Peter Jackson

CEO, Founder

Meet the CEO of our shooting club, who is an experienced pro.

Steven Jones


An expert instructor, who can turn a newbie into a great shooter.

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