Patriot – Outright


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Attend the following courses FREE as often and as many times as you like:

2-day Patriot Defensive Handgun
2-day Patriot Defensive Rifle
2-day Patriot Defensive Shotgun
4-day Patriot Defensive Handgun
4-day Patriot Defensive Rifle
4-day Patriot Defensive Shotgun

The cost of a four-day course alone at Patriot Training Center is $2,000 and a two-day course is $1,000. That means if you were to attend each course in your Patriot Package just once, the value is $9,000!

However, you can come back every few years, and take each course again with different guns, and receive $18,000… $27,000… $36,000 and much worth of training for years to come and never pay another penny!


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